Guardian Angel by John Davis

Guardian Image

This tattoo is on Keith Buller, it is his first and only tattoo and it spans from mid-thigh to just above the belly button and around his waist. He sat like a champion, and was prompt to his appointments. Everything a tattooer could want in a client. This tattoo was a re-imagining of a somewhat popular image. I added the tattered armor and stylized the sword and anatomy. All in all, this took roughly 9 hours to complete.

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Nue Tattoo by Chris

the Nue way

The Nue, screaming at some pesky cicada killers.

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Second Session Kitsune by Chris

session 2 kitsune

One more session to finish the background and color in the fox.  Can't wait, thanks again Zach.

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Diabetic Tattoo by John Davis


     This was a fun one-shot rib piece. The client sat very well and we had a great time.

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More Japanese Beast Tattoos by Chris

Nue arm

Here is the Nue, the plaguebringer.  It likes to hang out in the clouds above your kingdom and bring you misery.  Very very cool character in the japanese lore, probably my favorite, and after 15 years of tattooing i get to tattoo one on someone.  Thanks very much Del for the business and for taking it like a man.  This is after the second session, I'll post the finished product in a couple weeks after next session.

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New Shop Photos by Josh Guim


Much love to Josh Guim for taking such great shots of our place.    Check out his work at joshguim.com .  Here's the place so far:                  

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New Biomech Project from Chris

session2biomech sleeve

                  Second session into this one, on fellow tattoo artist Harry Catsis.  We both dork out on this stuff, is always fun working with a fellow tattooer.  More soon to come... c

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Tribal Day at Iron Cypress

Its kinda nice getting to tattoo some custom tribal every once in a while.                   Yep, fun day.   Tribal days are never planned, only when the dark matter of the universe alligns with the right stars do the gods bestow upon us the tribal day.  c....

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Tattoo Voodoo Expo, October 28,29,30 2011

We're starting to ready up everything for the tattoo convention this October, Halloween weekend. The dates are Friday through Sunday. This is by far our favorite local convention, lots of friends will be there. Any clients looking to get work done, compete, or just show up, please let us know soon so we can get you a spot. Very limited extra entry tags will be available soon, probably reserved for our competing clients. Contact us for hotel and convention details, or check out

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Finished Howling Wolf Tattoo by Chris

finished howling  wolf tattoo

Finished this half sleeve on another of our Leesville tattoo clients yesterday. Hadn't done anything like this in a while, was a fun change. Thanks as always!

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