Beirut Veteran Memorial Tattoo by John Davis

  This was a really fun and challenging tattoo for me, as I don't normally do landscapes and architecture. The damage and rubble helped to keep me motivated. The owner of this tattoo is Steve "Doc" Sibille who is a veteran of this conflict.  We took some of the more iconic details of the aftermath and a great shot of the foundation of the hotel Doc was in during the conflict. All in all, it took nearly 12 hours to complete.

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Van Gogh Painting Half Sleeve by Chris

Van Gogh Half Sleeve

            Finished this Van Gogh tattoo a little while back, these are lots of fun to do every now and then.  The lower photo shows some of the preparation these kinds of pieces take.  Thanks for looking, more posts soon to come from Lake Charles' best little tattoo shop.

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Healed Photos and Video of St. Michael Half Sleeve by Chris Walkin

St Michael

Hit "More on this Topic" under the post to access the video and larger photo.             Video link is below.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YF4OpdtehKg&context=C372fcc3ADOEgsToPDskKvUqKGk-zUk84iurbFT6Gi

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Prints Available, Frames Optional

Framed Prints

All the prints are available now for $20, with the option to pick them up already framed and matted for $100.  Just give a holler before picking up framed prints, or for unframed you can stop by the shop anytime or order from chriswalkin.com.  Buying options through ironcypress.com coming soon.              

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Japanese Kitsune Tattoo by Chris

kitsune thigh

                    Finished this thigh last night, third session in.  The top part is fresh, along with a couple of little things on the bottom half.  Thanks for coming and getting tattooed Zack!

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Japanese Phoenix by Chris finished

phoenix arm

            Just membered I'd never posted the photos of this one finished.                  

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Biomech thigh by Chris


              Three day marathon session, 26 or so hours total.  Much thanks to Chris Howton for coming down and sitting like a champ for this one.  Photos were taken the morning after we finished, but everything is still very swollen and irritated.  Better photos of it healed will be up next month, after we finish everything up.                                        

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Art on Wheels event Sep 23, 24.

Come see us at the Lake Charles Civic Center.  The shop will be closed, but we'll be able to schedule appointments from the show.  Old cars, bikes, music, gator burgers, and tattooing.  See you there!

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Second Session Phoenix Half Sleeve by Chris

Phoenix Session 2

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The Ox by John Davis

The Ox

The Ox is Todd Foster's dedication to his son. This guy sat like a rock and was always ready for a pick-up session. He stayed open-minded about my design choices and The Ox is the first project I started here at Iron Cypress. Great client, and a solid dude. Photos were shot by the talented Josh Guim.

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