Closed for the Weekend

...we will return even stronger after the weekend... back to normal hours on Tuesday, Aug 19th.  Cheers everyone, have a great weekend!

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Iron Cypress Tattoo working the Longview Texas Ink Life Tour dates

We will be there all weekend, August 15-17 2014.

We will be there August 15-17th 2014.  For appointments, please email us your request and phone number, and we will call you to set things up.  Should be a fun show, feel free to come by and say hi even if you're not getting tattooed.

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Closed Tuesday and Wednesday for the New Year

helmet photo

Yep, we'll be opening again for the new year on Thursday the 2nd.   Be safe and have a great New Year everyone.

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New Orleans Convention This Weekend: Thurs (31st) – Sun(3rd)

The shop will be closed this Halloween weekend, but we'll be back to regular shop hours on Tuesday.  If you are in the Metairie area, stop by the Voodoo Expo and say hi.  Have a great Halloween weekend everyone, see you next week.

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crop - Copy

Ross Dickson has arrived, and we are now at full crew. Feel free to give a call or email us for his availability. Let's make this handsome gentleman feel welcome, and see him do some awesome tattooing! His portfolio will be up on the site shortly.

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Fudo Myoo Tattoo by Chris of Iron Cypress

Fun in-progress photo of a Fudo Myo backpiece in the works by Chris Walkin.  This was session two, from a few weeks ago, should have finished photos of it for next week.  Super exited about this one.

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John Davis Tattooing


Here's John Davis hard at work, starting a black and grey biomechanical arm.  We love biomech.  Love it.  Just come in and ask us about it, we get all exited.  Cheers everyone, more progress shots of this one soon to come.

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Chris Tattooing, photos by Josh Guim

chris w small-2

Mr. Josh Guim came by the other day with some photos he took of us tattooing on his last visit... thought we'd share.  Cheers all.

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Biomech!  that is all.

Just a thought.  Cheers all!

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Japanese Phoenix Back by chris

Japanese Phoenix

Worked all day on this one yesterday, got the lines and Black and Grey.   Color to come...                   Iron Cypress Tattoo, Lake Charles Louisiana.  Thanks for looking, chris.

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