Thanks for your interest in our work!

Although we do keep very regular working hours,  the doors are only open to the public on Saturdays between 10am-6pm.  This is so that projects don’t get too interrupted and so we can focus on both the tattooing sessions and the consultations at their respective times. If you’d like to set up a project with one of us, please email us at the email below.

IMPORTANT:  Please include your preference of artist, a quick description of  what kind of work you are looking to have done (please attach photos if coverups are involved),  and a contact phone number in your email.  This way we can call you back to set your consult time.

As soon as your artist catches up to your email, he will contact you to set up your consultation time and get everything rolling.  Booking time can vary, but we can usually get things moving fairly quickly.

Also, be advised that we do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18, and make no exceptions.

You can message us below, or if you have attachments to send us please send emails to:


Thank you for contacting us! Your message has been successfully delivered and we will be getting in touch real soon!