Archive: April 2013 - The Iron Cypress

Fudo Myoo Tattoo by Chris of Iron Cypress

Fun in-progress photo of a Fudo Myo backpiece in the works by Chris Walkin.  This was session two, from a few weeks ago, should have finished photos of it for next week.  Super exited about this one.

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John Davis Tattooing


Here's John Davis hard at work, starting a black and grey biomechanical arm.  We love biomech.  Love it.  Just come in and ask us about it, we get all exited.  Cheers everyone, more progress shots of this one soon to come.

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Chris Tattooing, photos by Josh Guim

chris w small-2

Mr. Josh Guim came by the other day with some photos he took of us tattooing on his last visit... thought we'd share.  Cheers all.

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