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Doors Closed Thurs, Friday, and Saturday this week.

Closed Thurs- Satruday this week

The shop is closing a bit early this weekend, as we'll be working the New Orleans Convention.  If you're in that area, come by and see us, it's always a fun show and we'll be working on some rocking tattoos while there.  The shop will be open again and back to normal hours on Tuesday the 30th.  Thanks for understanding, have a good weekend everyone.

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Silly Industry Shirt

so i can read it shirt

I have a few of these still available if anyone is interested.  I figured other tattooers might get it :) .

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Cherry Branches as a Coverup by Chris


Just because we rarely show before and after shots, as many coverups as we do.... and also because i loved this piece.         Ok, so it wasn't that hard of a coverup, but always makes me happy to turn a bummer into something pretty.  Great client, great skin, fun stuff.  Cheers all.

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Japanese Peacock 3/4 sleeve finished by Chris


  Finished this a little while back, but we've been neglecting the blog lately, so here it is!  Super fun, thanks again Ms. M!

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