Archive: September 2011 - The Iron Cypress

Art on Wheels event Sep 23, 24.

Come see us at the Lake Charles Civic Center.  The shop will be closed, but we'll be able to schedule appointments from the show.  Old cars, bikes, music, gator burgers, and tattooing.  See you there!

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Second Session Phoenix Half Sleeve by Chris

Phoenix Session 2

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The Ox by John Davis

The Ox

The Ox is Todd Foster's dedication to his son. This guy sat like a rock and was always ready for a pick-up session. He stayed open-minded about my design choices and The Ox is the first project I started here at Iron Cypress. Great client, and a solid dude. Photos were shot by the talented Josh Guim.

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Guardian Angel by John Davis

Guardian Image

This tattoo is on Keith Buller, it is his first and only tattoo and it spans from mid-thigh to just above the belly button and around his waist. He sat like a champion, and was prompt to his appointments. Everything a tattooer could want in a client. This tattoo was a re-imagining of a somewhat popular image. I added the tattered armor and stylized the sword and anatomy. All in all, this took roughly 9 hours to complete.

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