Archive: August 2011 - The Iron Cypress

Nue Tattoo by Chris

the Nue way

The Nue, screaming at some pesky cicada killers.

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Second Session Kitsune by Chris

session 2 kitsune

One more session to finish the background and color in the fox.  Can't wait, thanks again Zach.

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Diabetic Tattoo by John Davis


     This was a fun one-shot rib piece. The client sat very well and we had a great time.

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More Japanese Beast Tattoos by Chris

Nue arm

Here is the Nue, the plaguebringer.  It likes to hang out in the clouds above your kingdom and bring you misery.  Very very cool character in the japanese lore, probably my favorite, and after 15 years of tattooing i get to tattoo one on someone.  Thanks very much Del for the business and for taking it like a man.  This is after the second session, I'll post the finished product in a couple weeks after next session.

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